Well life certainly changed quickly for all of us on March 12!

I was looking forward to a March Break full of cheering on my kids through their Provincial ski race series and a few family days of skiing. The first announcement we got came from Alpine Canada early Thursday afternoon that all ski racing for the remainder of the season was to end across the country.

My boys were both understandably disappointed, but we tried to be optimistic about still being able to train and actually ski as a family (something that doesn’t happen very often). Then came the announcement about the closing of the schools and we knew this was going change things for all of us and it wasn’t going to end there.

Over the last 5 days we have watched and listened as the leaders of the provinces and our country have had to make some very tough decisions for the safely and wellbeing of everyone.

Many for you who have been travelling or were spending part of your winter in your homes in the sunny south have been essentially called to return to Canada and then to self-isolate.  Some of you are not home yet and I am hoping your travels home are safe and go smoothly.

Some very important things to consider for Older Adults:

First and most importantly here is the link to the COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool from Collingwood General and Marine Hospital to help you understand if it is necessary to seek medical attention:—march-15-2020-

If you have recently traveled to any geographic area of concern or were in contact with someone with COVID-19, and you become sick with fever, cough or have difficulty breathing, click the link above.

Older adults (age 60+) and those with pre-existing medical conditions have a greater risk for serious illness if they become infected with COVID-19.  Examples of pre-existing medical conditions include: cancer, diabetes, heart disease or other conditions that impact the immune system’s ability to fight germs.

Be Prepared:

I am sure most of you are prepared and well stocked, but here is a brief list incase you are unsure or are returning home from travelling and now need to prepare:

  • Check your regular prescription drugs to make sure you have an adequate supply; refill your prescriptions if needed
  • Have an adequate supply of non-prescriptive drugs and other health supplies, including pain relievers, stomach remedies, cough and cold medicines
  • Have enough household items, groceries, and water on hand so that you will be prepared to stay at home
  • Consider ways of getting food brought to your house through family, social or commercial networks if you are forced to stay home for longer than your supplies allow
  • Many grocery stores and pharmacies have early shopping hours for older adults, since this is when stores will be the cleanest and less crowed
  • Stay in touch with others by phone or email; you may need to ask for help from friends, family, neighbours, community health workers, etc. if you become sick

Remember to wash your hands after putting away groceries, touching money or handling anything that comes from outside the home. Clean your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing, or having been in a public place.

Remember Social Distancing is key.  If you have to go out, try to stay 2m to 6 feet away from other people.

Ask anyone entering your home to wash their hands upon entering.

Use commercial cleaning products to wipe high-touch points often, including: handrails, faucets, doorknobs, refrigerator handles, telephones, remotes and light switches.

Check in with any older friends or family members regularly by email or phone to see if they need assistance, food, water or other supplies

Staying Strong and Fit at Home:

I want to thank all of you for your support over the decision to suspend all group classes and then the final decision to completely stop all in-person training of any kind.

I am in the process of creating some “Strong at Home” workouts that you will be able to do from your home. Please send me a direct email message if you are interested in receiving these.  I will be sending these out via email and I am hoping to start sending them out early next week.

I will also be posting an equipment list of various household items that you can use to help you with your workouts while at home. Please let me know if you do not have any Theraband at home and what colour you might need. I will make some available for pick up later this week.

In the meantime, I am trying to spend some time with my boys and and my husband, finding fun things to do on our “March Break” and distracting everyone from the mental stress of the situation.  We have been out on lots of long hikes with our dogs and the boys have discovered the joy of tobogganing again – this is one good way to make use of all that beautiful snow on the ski hills!

I hope everyone stays healthy and active – remember to eat nutritiously dense food, get your full dose of sleep each night, exercise regularly and always wash your hands!

Who knows, maybe I will see you on the trials?!?

Aya (pictured above) and Harry (below) are loving all the extra long walks/runs!!


4 thoughts on “March Break and Our New Reality

  1. we are out every day on the Cranberry Golf Course starting about 2PM and the walking is good. Than ks for all this input ________________________________


  2. I am interested in your proposed “strong at home” programme whenever you have it ready. Thank you for doing it and keep well. Bonnie

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  3. Hi, thank you for the super email. We got home on Monday and are now at home for the next Two weeks. I would love to have the Stay at home workouts. Stay healthy. Sue

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