I hope most of your have found someone who can do the grocery shopping for you and if you really do have to head to the store – go early when the store will be the cleanest and the first hour of the day is reserved for older adults and at risk populations.  I don’t mean to sound crazy, but this is what we all should be doing when we get our groceries home.
Please remember that anything that comes into your home could have the virus on it, which is why washing your hands ALL the time and keeping them away from your face is so important.  Even if you have not left your home in a week!!  New studies are showing that the virus can live on surfaces as long as 17 days!
I guess this is not the time to worry that much about reducing plastic – it’s much easier to clean and disinfect!
I did use my cloth grocery bags and bagged my groceries myself (which I prefer anyway).  Then ALL the bags went immediately into the wash once I had all my groceries put away.


Please feel free to share this with your friends and other family members.
Stay home, stay fit and stay well!!

12 thoughts on “PSA – Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. I was at Bulk Barn today to get some spices and essential foods (Tootsie Toll Pops). Best Store set up I’ve seen anywhere.

    You walk in the door you Have to sanitize your hands AND THEN put on a pair of large disposable glove. You then grab your cart and never leave the handle. You walk behind a store staff person who is pulling their cart from the front creating the appropriate distance. You tell the staff person what you want and way you go. their cart is loaded with… Scoops both large and small. As well the staff are wearing gloves. Each item is placed in your cart, no touching. When completed you walk to the checkout place your goods on the counter then stand behind a table creating separation. I paid by debit because it’s a tap. The staff person who served you takes their cart and cleans the tools they used. Oh yeah, it was one scooper per item, no double duty.

    Cudos to the Collingwood Bulk Barn for their work. When times are normal I’ve been impressed by how staff are constantly cleaning, this experience was great considering these times.

    Laura, get some shields at the cash and you’ll be the safest store chain in the world.

    Cheers, Allan + 1 (705) 443-7215 allanbennett2@icloud.com



  2. Thanks Bonnie. I have been going for that early morning when I have to go—am impressed with all that the stores are doing


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