When the trails are empty and my dogs can run free, I think that this Social Distancing thing is not so bad!

Getting out my for daily walk with these two (Harry and Aya) are a daily must for me. I am lucky to have them to keep me accountable on my daily walking. Let me tell you, they have no problem reminding me that it is time to go!!!

How is your Daily Walking Challenge going? Remember for the first week our minimum goals are:

Walk 6 days/week

Brisk pace (RPE of 5-8)

Start with 10-15 minutes

Build to 20-30 minutes

10 thoughts on “Daily Walking Challenge Check In

  1. Thanks Bonnie for the grocery video. Very helpful. I have sent the link to my family members.

    I have been walking 2 km almost daily especially on days I do not do your work-out. Can’t wait till this is over but I’m not optimistic it will be any time soon.



    1. Hi Myrna! Way to go with your walking and thank you for sharing the grocery video with others. It is very important especially for people who are high risk.

      I agree, I don’t think this is going to end anytime soon 😦

      Stay well!


  2. So far have been put xCountry skiing or yesterday hiking for an hour a day. Yes, thank goodness for the dogs and my husband who is obsessive about it,


  3. Hi Bonnie, we are nearing the end (next Tuesday) of our self isolation. However, we have been out walking about 5 times a week and several times downtown and back (10,000 steps). I am constantly telling Chris that if we had a dog we’d get out even more. So far my words are falling on deaf ears. And thank you for your work outs, we haven’t quite gotten to them yet to be honest but now that the dust has settled on some other pressing tasks, we hope to get going on this by the weekend.



  4. That looks like it could be the Georgian trail! We are on the golf course with Sunny and Cleo each afternoon about 1:30PM and do 8 holes which takes about 50-60 minutes walking at about a 5-6 and accelerating a bit as we go. There are a few others with happy dogs and we have a kind of distanced social communion looking forward to seeing our troops daily.

    Another chore which also keeps distance is taking the car to the do it yourself car wash and handling the spring back pressure hose without getting wet yourself! We are still fortunate in Collingwood with very little infection from the virus so far. ________________________________


  5. Hi Bonnie: I want to thank you very much for all that you are doing for us. As far as the walking is concerned I am OK. I am doing 30 – 40 daily and have been doing daily except for 2 rainy days. The exercises are a different story. Forget burpees, cannot do a single one, others, I have difficulties with. Sometimes the easier version helps and sometimes less repetitions work. I do what I can . I feel some improvement in my body, that is a good thing. Happy Easter, Marlene



    1. Hi Marlene! You are very welcome! So glad you are out walking everyday! As for the exercises, do what you can and if you have to do less repetitions that is absolutely fine! Take it slow and don’t over do it! Stay well!


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