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How are you doing with your Daily Walking Challenge?  Remember our goal is to walk 6 days a week for 20 – 30 minutes.   If that is going well for your and starting to feel easy, time to increase that to 30 – 40 minutes!

Here is a great reminder from Dr. John Rusin to help motivate you to get up off the coach and go for a walk.

WALKING Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your MIND,Your BODY, and Your SOUL

Straight up, you need to be walking MORE, here’s why:

One of the most undervalued (and often times disregarded) advantages of daily walking is cognitive enhancement, stress reduction and overall improvement of wellness.

Increased blood flow isn’t just siphoned to the active musculature involved in the movement, it’s also shuttled to the brain.

Increased cerebral blood flow also cuts the risk of vascular and degenerative diseases, but it also boosts creativity and the mental “flow” state.

Some of the most innovative minds the world has ever known, such as Einstein, Da Vinci, and a host of influential thinkers, went for walks. And I’m pretty sure we can all agree, it worked out pretty well for them.

You may be thinking that the reason you train is to gain mental clarity and refreshment, but who couldn’t use more of this? Walking is the key to tapping into your mental muscle while sparing your body the stress of overtraining.

Since walking is extremely low intensity and low impact, it can speed up recovery while mitigating stress in the joints and central nervous system, AKA id helps alleviate chronic stress.

During the active coordinated gait cycle, musculature of the legs, arms, and core become engaged in a reciprocal pattern in an on-and-off nature.

This pattern taps into the oblique slings of the body made up of the glutes, core, lats, and pecs, in conjunction with agonist/antagonist contractions of the extremities in order to move the body forward smoothly.

These synergistic muscle actions place pressure through the lymphatic and venous systems in order to push excess fluid that’s accumulated through local stress back into central circulation. From there, excess fluid will be excreted centrally.

Managing local and systemic inflammation is the name of the game in recovery and stress reduction and walking is the simplest, easiest and most accessible way to do it.

Even short bouts of 10-15 minutes at a time daily can ignite creative juices and stimulate deep thought processes, neural regeneration and boosting of overall wellness throughout the day.

And there’s also the added benefit of not sitting for eight hours, letting your posture melt into your chair, then trying to go perform at a high level later on.

Sorry for the science, but this walking shit is important. Especially today.

So my recommendation to you all? GET WALKING!

-Dr. John Rusin

12 thoughts on “Are you getting your Daily Walk?

  1. Hi Bonnie, we are doing well and hope you are too. We have been walking a lot – 5 or 6 days (2 hours plus) a week minimum 10,000 to 12,000 steps….

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  2. Hi Bonnie, yes I’m getting my daily walks. It varies from 1.5 km to 3 km depending on the Weather and what we have on for that day. The walks are super. Have always done them. They make you feel good and you get to talk to neighbours and friends even though it’s 6’ apart and it’s maybe only for a “hi, good to see you, wish the weather would warm up! Also, I change routes, which gets you to meet different people and see different sites. Keep the emails coming. Sue

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    1. Hey Sue! Great work and your walks and I agree, getting out for a walk makes you feel so good! Under our current circumstances it is especially nice to be able to step out side and see some friendly face (from a distance) and say hello!


  3. Hi Bonnie
    I look forward to all the articles and info you are posting. Yes, I’m walking a lot, 2-3 km. Yesterday we walked at the Cranberry Golf Course, lots of people but the cart path is wide enough and makes for easy walking. These sunny days are great for getting outside!
    Cheers Carol Ann


  4. Hi Bonnie, I am feeling stronger, which is not the direction I would be going in without you! Thank you for all you do. I worked outside yesterday for the first time, including raking for over 3 hours without being stiff today at all. That’s so great because there is a lot more of that work to be done.


  5. Hi Bonnie
    Good to hear you and your family are well. I enjoy all your postings and workouts. Enjoying long walks along various paths keeping at least 6 feet apart. Lots of waves from everyone.
    Take care.


  6. Hi Bonnie, I am very pleased to report I am still attending ‘class’ everyday at 10am. I keep track of what workout I am doing and how many times I have done each one. This morning did #3 again and it was a good challenge with those thrusters. Thanks to you I am feeling strong at home!
    Mary Armstrong


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