You are all amazing at making exercise part of your routine while the world is on “Pause”.  I am so proud of all of you and I love getting your report on your workouts and seeing that I am not the only one whose dogs need to join the fun!

Your gym set ups are amazing – you have collected some great things from around your home a created a dedicated space to do your work!



Finding routine in our days is sometimes a challenge and I love Mary Armstrong’s idea,  she sets an alarm for 10:00am when class time would normally take place and goes to her home gym and gets her workout done!

Most of you have embraced the walking challenge and many of you are now walking almost an hour everyday!!

We have done some serious work and had some fun and it looks like we will continue on this way for another month or so at least.

So remember to “Like and Subscribe” to my YouTube Channel if you have not already done so.  Thank you to everyone who has already done this!! ‘

Feel free to share with your friends as the channel is now public!

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