“Stay at home, stay fit. We Cannot control the virus but we can control our fitness.” 
                                                  – A. Schwarzenegger

So far we have been physically distant and socially isolating ourselves for close to 6o days.  Our focus and goal has been to “Flatten the Curve” so that our medical system does not get overwhelmed.  We seem to be progressing well and our daily infections rates of Corona virus seem to be coming down ever so slightly.

At first we watched the news and the numbers in shock and disbelief that this was happening – we were locked down, everything was closed and we have been told to STAY HOME.

As the weeks passed, we have adjusted and found new routines for our new “normal.”

Last week we saw the provincial government start to loosen up some of its restrictions and allow some business to start opening back up with some very strict guidelines.  We are all hopeful that in the coming weeks and months we will see this increase and we can see our friends and families again.

Before we get too excited, we still have work to do of our own.  Now is the time for all of us to do our part to take care of ourselves beyond just physically distancing ourselves, wearing a mask and gloves and washing our hands.

In the coming days and weeks I plan to share with you the best advice, information and research that I have curated on how to take control and action of our own health as we consider moving back out into the world to live with the Corona virus.

Exercise and nutrition are medicine and they offer some of the best prevention and protective tools that we have available to us.

So if you aren’t walking 30 minutes/day – start today!!!  I know many of you are already walking close to an hour/day – keep it up!!   Walk EVERY day – your life depends on it.

Many of you are following the workout videos I have been putting together for you – keep it up!!  We need those muscles now more than ever!

Here is the link again to my YouTube channel where you can access all the workouts:

Click here to subscribe.

Here is some inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger – I think you all know who he is.  His recent video  inspiring people trying to stay strong and sane during this pandemic: “Just as long as you do something every day, that is the important thing.”




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