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Here is some great nutrition information for everyone from Jennnifer Broxterman.  Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian from London Ontario.

Here she offers healthy eating and lifestyle advice to strengthen your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whole food ideas, supplement guidelines, and evidenced-based nutrition and self-care advice to help you stay healthy.

Click Here to watch and listen to her nutritional advice for everyone:


Here are the links to the free PDF’s that she discusses in the video above:

Eat a Rainbow of Colours (PDF Download)

Whole Food Nutrition Guide (PDF Download)


  1. Shift your mindset to actions that you have TOTAL CONTROL over (vs. some or no control)
  2. Whole foods = preventative medicine
  3. Plan ahead (batch cook, but don’t panic buy or hoard food)
  4. Nutrients of focus: protein, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc
  5. Stay hydrated (hot liquids help break up the mucus in the lungs)
  6. Hand hygiene & frequently clean high touch surfaces
  7. Parasympathetic recovery (support your rest, digest, and recovery pathways)
  8. Sunlight & fresh air are natural germicidal agents
  9. Practice gratitude & stoicism
  10. Take action NOW and be proactive on what you have direct control over. Don’t panic, but be prepared.


Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RD
Registered Dietitian, NutritionRx

3 thoughts on “What a Dietitian Knows, that Others Don’t

  1. Bonnie, Like this approach, simple and straightforward. I am not big on portioning of small medium and large or the proverbial deck of cards. Decks of cards are for Poke, Euchre or Cribbage, not food. 🙂


  2. all good stuff and surprisingly tasty with a little imagination. specially like the vitamin c a d and zinc!!



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