Every January Bell Let’s Talk is a day devoted to ending the stigma around mental health issues and continuing an important conversation with those close to you.

This pandemic has created even more awareness around mental health issues and the importance of connection.

McMaster Optimal Aging has compiled a few evidence-based strategies to help you strengthen your mental well-being now, and long-after the pandemic has passed.

Of course I am a big fan of “Get Moving” and the benefits of exercise on our mental health as well as our physical health!

Participating in a group class has also been a great wait to stay socially connected, but unfortunately we are unable to come together in the gym. Believe it or not, connecting and participating through technology and a Zoom class can help you feel more connected to others and we do try and have some laughs along the way. So don’t be shy and give it a try!

Click here to read the full article and other strategies offered my McMaster Optimal Aging.

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