Fours Ways to reduce your risk of Heart Disease:

Modify your diet to reduce cholesterol
Consider a more plant based diet that include nuts, plant-based proteins, soluble fibre, and plant sterols.

Make exercise part of your daily routine
Include some form of fitness into your everyday routine (walking, yoga, strength training etc.)

Be aware of hidden heart risks in your medicine cabinet
NSAIDs can increase the risk of heart attack, with the level of risk tied to the type of NSAID, how much is taken, and for how long. This doesn’t mean you should stop taking them altogether, but understanding their risk is important when assessing whether they are needed.

Lower your salt intake
Salt is a major source of dietary sodium and consuming too much sodium increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, and in particular, high blood pressure. 

For more details check out the following link from the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

2 thoughts on “February Is Heart Month

  1. Hi Bonnie, I have been enjoying all of the interesting information you have been sending. I chuckled the other day because I thought you might have been a fly on the wall because I have had to take high blood pressure medication, eeek!! Your timing was incredible. I’m missing you and your classes and hope we can resume very soon. I hope you and your family are well and that you have a great family day and a Happy Valentines Day.
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  2. Hi Bonnie, I just thought I’d drop you a note and check in.

    We obviously have stayed put this winter and are keeping ourselves safe. I am looking forward to coming back to classes when available.

    I have had an accident though, I slipped on yes, ice, on Jan. 4 (coming up to the 6 week mark) and broke my upper humerus and tuberocity I think it is called (code for right shoulder). It was quite incredibly painful for first couple of weeks. No displacement thank goodness so no surgery. I will see the ortho doc next Tues and will be told probably to ditch the sling which I am only using part time now anyway. I’ve been doing physiotherapy of course like a good little girl and am being told I am making good progress. The worse part of the whole thing is finding a place to sleep, which is usually in a reclining chair so I am feeling a bit sleep deprieved. It was ok the first 2 weeks as I was heavily drugged but more of a challenge now.

    Chris has purchased a Pelaton and is happily cycling away almost daily. He has also found out (had confirmed) that he has a full tear rotator cuff situation. He will be referred to a surgeon but I don’t know if he will opt for that. Every morning when he helps pull on my leggings or do up my bra he says he has to put on his safety glasses in case anything snaps and he does a squat as instructed to get the leggings up. It’s our usual first morning laugh… Good thing I am a good sport.

    I hope all is well with you and your family, I miss the classes and hope I can get back in a few months, and hope you are able to offer them… Take care, Norma.



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