Exercise will help you get more and better sleep. Whether it’s walking, running, weightlifting, yoga … it doesn’t really matter. Studies are clear that regular, moderately intense exercise improves sleep length and quality.
After 65, sleep issues can increase accidents, falls, cognitive decline, depression and more. 

Here are a few tips for restful nights.

  • Don’t exercise too close to bedtime, since it can stimulate your brain and raise your body temperature, changes that can keep you up.
  • Maintain bedtime routines and schedules.
  • Get some sunlight every day.
  • Keep your bedroom cool, dark and free of electronics.
  • Avoid caffeine after noon and too much alcohol close to bedtime.
  • Don’t drink much of anything as bedtime approaches; it could make you need to get out of bed.
  • Talk to your doctor about chronic issues. You could have sleep apnea or another serious but treatable disorder.

Our whole family (even my teenage sons) now wear a sleep mask when we go to bed to ensure that extra dark sleeping environment – I must confess it is a game changer!! I am an early riser (with the sun) and it allows me to sleep a little longer or at least until my alarm goes off.

Best sleep mask ever – according to my shift working husband:

Manta Sleep Mask – Click here

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