Class Schedule

You MUST reserve your spot in class prior to attending, there will be no drops in allowed.  For the full class schedule and to reserve your spot please click here.

A video tutorial on how to use TeamUp to sign into class can be viewed here.

When you are signing up for weekly classes, make sure you are on the correct week at the top left-hand side of the calendar.  Sign-up for all classes will be enabled Saturday morning by 8:00 am for the week ahead.

Classes at the National Ski Academy are colour coded Red and Zoom Hybrid Classes are colour coded Blue.  Zoom Classes remain an option for those of you not ready to participate in person.

Daily COVID-19 screening

Everyone attending a class MUST complete the Daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to each class that is attended. This must be done on the actual day you are attending class.  

The daily questionnaire can be accessed by clicking here.


Gym Health Protocols

  • Masks are still encouraged to enter and exit the facility and to move about to get equipment
  • Please follow the 2m physical distancing rule for all fitness facilities
  • All Belongings are to be brought to your workout station with the exception of your outdoor footwear (please ensure you have a pair of clean dry indoor shoes)
  • Sanitize your hands when you enter the facility and when you leave
  • Each workout will have a sanitation bin with a pump bottle of hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray and paper towel (cleaning cloths are also available)
  • At the end of class all equipment that you use must be disinfected
  • Bring your own water bottle, and yoga mat 
  • Everyone must be vaccinated (2 doses) as required by the National Ski Academy


YOuTube Channel

In the meantime feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for exercise routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Click here to subscribe.