Due to COVID-19 all classes will be held at the National Ski Academy.

Classes will be small groups of no more than 5 people and we will be strictly following COVID-19 protocols.

Class Schedule

You MUST reserve your spot in class prior to attending, there will be no drops in allowed.  For the full class schedule and to reserve your spot please click here.

A video tutorial on how to use Teamup to sign into class can be viewed here.

Daily COVID-19 screening

Everyone attending a class inside the gym MUST complete the Daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to entry into the facility for each class that is attended. This must be done on the actual day you are attending class.  

The daily questionnaire can be accessed by clicking here.

Gym Protocol

  • Please wear a mask when entering the facility – this can be removed once you are at your workout station
  • Sanitize your hands when you enter the facility and when you leave
  • Each workout will have a sanitation bin with a pump bottle of hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray and paper towel
  • Each person will have their own set of equipment – there will be no sharing
  • At the end of class all equipment that you use must be disinfected
  • Be mindful of the surfaces that you touch as they must be disinfected at the end of class as well
  • Washrooms are for emergency use – please come dressed in your workout gear
  • Wear you mask if you do need to use the washroom
  • Bring your own water bottle, yoga mat, and theraband if you have one (I will have some theraband available and will be disinfecting after each use)
  • Put your mask back on when leaving your workout area and to leave the facility

Please note that the facility is also being cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis throughout each day and between user groups (i.e. our classes and the school’s dryland training program).

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