Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey and for your thoughtful comments.  Thank you to those of you who also sent me an email in addition to or in lieu of the survey.  This has helped me with planning and understanding where all of you are at after 3 months of being away from the gym.  

I also want to thank those who came out to class the last few days as we ventured back to training in person.  The weather was great and the rain held off for our morning sessions.  The shade at the NSA kept us all cool and it was sooooo wonderful to see some of your faces after so long apart.

I am technically on “Holiday” until July 5 and will be spending time with my family.  I will be sending out some information on how we will be moving forward with class Sign-In and updating the schedule for July at the end of next week.  Keep an eye on your inboxes next week!

5 thoughts on “Thank You!!

  1. Bonnie, have a really great “holiday” With your family You really deserve it, Bill P

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  2. Have a wonderful holiday, Bonnie. If you don’t get to Project Strong until after, it is no problem. Enjoy your family! And thanks for all you have done. Joan

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